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Our music is made for dancing.

I love going to clubs with live acts, because it is always something special. So we made our music for such clubs, in which we can offer live acts with our music. During our live shows, we have some professional dancers to make the act more charming.

What makes our music unique is a use of an electro violin in parts of most of the songs. The violin makes sound the song more precious and fabulous.

Behind all the structure of rhythm and harmony theory music is a product of soul. In my case it is product of love: My love to music, music’s love to me. More importantly, my love to my wife and singer Latiana and her love to me; her love to music and music’s love to her. The result of this love is a pure positive energy in our songs. And do you know, what is special about it? This positive energy is amplified the more you listen to our music. You can have it! Take it! Listen to our new album “Follow Me!

The fact is music has to be done qualitatively and professionally. Of course it is the case here. Latiana hast studied Pop and Jazz vocal and violin. She grew up in a musical family: her mother, father, sister and brother are all musicians as well. I learned piano from my father, a gifted pianist. I studied engineering science and it has helped me to get more structure in producing process and helps me to understanding new music technology. For mixing and mastering, I hire only high professional audio engineers.